[s-cars] Ignition key lock worn out - what to do

Robert Welch Robert.Welch at technologycrafters.com
Wed Mar 30 20:07:20 EST 2005

Great idea.  I'm guessing the 200 20v was the old 'edge cut' key.  My keys
are 'laser cut' on the side of the key.  I'm told they don't really wear
down appreciably.  
Was any of your experience with the laser cut key?


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Are you sure the issue is the lock cylinder and NOT a worn key?
Cheaper to replace the key first than getting into the lock cylinder.

I had to replace the lock cylinder on my 200 20v avant - it died on the way 
home from the hospital with my second son ( 3 years ago)
The finger that goes from the lock cylinder to the switch had sheared off.

I purchased a new cylinder from clair parts connection, brought it with my 
existing key to a locksmith, and for $40 they rekeyed the new lock cylinder 
to fit our existing key

Fast forward two years and my wife complains of a sticking key.  I was able 
to order a new master key from audi by using the number on the old lock 
cylinder, the car's VIN and proof of ownership.  Just by eye you could see 
the difference between the new master and our existing key - I took the new 
master and had some more duplicates made and then discarded the "old" 

So something to consider.....



At 03:40 PM 3/30/2005, Robert Welch wrote:
>I've had some problems with my ignition key 'sticking" on my 95.5 S6 Avant.
>The ignition switch has been replaced recently, so I know that's not the
>I've tried injecting graphite with out much noticeable improvement.
>Occasionally, it really sticks and my wife calls me because she can't get
>the car started, so to keep peace in the family I need to find a solution.
>The stealer tells me that they can order a new cylinder and lock ($210)
>which will require a new key for the ignition and I can keep using the old
>key for the doors and trunk.  My mechanic thinks Audi Germany may be able
>actually set the tumblers to my key code using the VIN. (so we can keep
>using a single key)  However, the stealer claims that will only work with a
>96 or newer car.
>I'd like to know if anyone else has figured out how to address this
>Anyone had any experience with a locksmith rebuilding an old lock to extend
>its life?
>Thanks very much,
>Robert Welch
>Golden, CO
>95.5 S6 Avant w/ MTM
>01 TT  225 w/ MTM
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