[s-cars] Nutz again revisited

Robert Myers Bob at chips-ur-s.com
Thu Mar 31 11:25:04 EST 2005

That light at the end of the tunnel now seems to be an onrushing train.  :-(

Rehash of where I've been:

> > I pulled the fuses for all four lights (high/low-R/L) and turned 
> everything
> > ON/OFF and found no voltages across any of the open fuse positions.  That
> > tells me that there is no voltage reaching the fuses.  If no power reaches
> > the fuses then there is no trigger signal reaching the light relays.  The
> > problem has to be before the fuses.
> >
> > Looking at Bentley (X-822, if it helps) it looks to me that there is no
> > power coming from the switch to the fuses.  Power comes from the ignition
> > switch to the main on/off switch to the dimmer switch.
> >
> > Possibilities:
> >
> > 1.      Bad ignition switch.
> > 2.      Bad main light switch.
> > 3.      Bad dimmer switch.
> > 4.      Something else?  What?
> >
> > The dimmer switch simply turns the high beams on/off.  If it goes bad the
> > low beams should still work.  That leaves the ignition switch or the main
> > light switch.
> >
> > Other lights - parking lights, turn signals, etc. still work.  Dash 
> lights,
> > etc., work when the main switch is turned on.
> >
> > My first guess is a failed ignition switch portion or possibly a loose
> > connector for the ignition switch.
> >
> > Does any of this make sense?  How far off base am I?  Suggestions?  I
> > realize I haven't completely ruled out the main light switch.

OK - more results:

I replaced the main headlight switch assembly which includes both the main 
head light switch, the turn signal stalk/switches and the dimmer switch as 
well as the cruise control switches.  BTW, I have such a used switch for 
sale in good working condition.  Part # 4D0 953 513 C 01C.  Retail cost, 
new, $120 plus s/h.

No joy.

Replaced the electrical portion of the ignition switch.

No joy.

Repeated the test at the fuse box checking for voltage at the fuse.  No 
change.  Power is still not getting to the light relay trigger 
connectors.  That's not terribly surprising since the lights aren't working.

Now what?  It really would be nice to be able to drive my car after dark.


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