[s-cars] Radio code idea

Paul Souza cello at adelphia.net
Thu Mar 31 20:17:26 EST 2005

I was told by a dealer in suburban Boston (I'm in Burlington, VT), that they
usually write the code in the maintenance book - sometimes on the second to
the last page, or on the label noting the VIN which is usually stapled in
the same book.  It was a long shot.

My car was originally from West Virginia.  Not expecting much, I checked.
Sure enough - there was a penciled four digit number written on that exact
page.  It worked.

95.5 S6 Avant
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> I visited one local dealer and they wrote the radio code with a marking
> under the rear spare tire cover.  Not the greatest security but you would
> have to know to look there.  Seemed like all his used Audi's were done
> way.
> Joe
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