[s-cars] Lowest octane for road trip?

Odyrestorations at aol.com Odyrestorations at aol.com
Mon May 2 17:00:57 EDT 2005

I can only get 92 in MN.  I've tried 87 a couple times and the  computer 
pulled the timing back to the point that the loss in mileage  pretty much offset 
the cost savings. 
Tom Rasmussen
Mpls, MN
95 S6
MTM 1+


I'm in California and I can't get any fuel above 91.  

Be sides mixing a few things apon occasion, I regularly run Chev. 91  oct. 
and haven' t had any problems.


Mike Claire  <mike.claire at gmail.com> wrote:
Driving to Rochester NY from NH on  Wednesday. This will be the first
time I've taken my car beyond 100 miles  since I bought it. I was
thinking that if I can resist the temptation of  23lb boost for 1 day,
maybe I could run 87 or 91 and save a couple  bucks.

Good idea? Bad? Thoughts?


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