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>Subject: [s-cars] miss under load - not plugs - damn
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>I developed a miss under high gear / low rev load last week.
 Last time
>this happened it was plugs so I replaced my 55k set.  This
fixed the
>problem, horray...  for a few hours.  It's back now, not as
bad but it's
>there (was prone to miss after 10psi boost, now maybe 15).  
>I'm hoping it's maybe boots (also 55k), but am wondering why
the new
>plugs 'temporarily' solved the problem?  Am sincerely hoping
I'm not
>about to embark on a coil diagnosis (be prepared for lots of
'how the F
>do I figure out which one' Q's), @ 146k I won't be surprised.
>GOT to finish the 3kq!  The UrS is starting to feel worn and
>again, need something 200k-ish to make the UrS feel new again
heh heh.
>I quote Serge from my visit to him last week referencing his
old Avant:
>"it started to feel like I had used it all up".... 
>awesome (kinda like that poor XJ8 rental 'some of us' um,
'used up' on
>that Brooklyn runway?  I know nuthing.).


Dig deep and don't resist the temptation to but all 5!  I
figured mine had quite a few miles on em and I didn't want to
have to tear it all apart again 2 weeks later when the next
one failed (I have this kind of luck sometimes).  While
expensive I have convinced myself that the piece of mind was
for the 400 or so extra G Washingtons.  Happy to report no
misses under full boost (and all hoses stayed in place) @ the
VIR event.

On a different note i'd like to report back to you regarding
an earlier inquiry regarding test pipes, the stink is
definitely there.  

Speaking of VIR (hijack) it was both amazing to see the
Porsche Carrera GT stretching its legs at speed (the sound of
that thing on the straight, all alone is intoxicating, to me
it sounds like a jet, you've got to hear it), and maddening to
see it limp into the paddock after the wreck.  Hay Carumba!  I
guess if you can afford to buy one you can afford to fix one.
 Gotta wonder want the insurance will be like on that beast,
assuming they put in a claim.


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