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Hope you have a near empty fuel tank, cause I'm betting you'll be climbing in there to replace the fuel pump.
Troubleshooting... you can have someone turn the car over while you use a test light or voltmeter to check for power to the pump (in the trunk, under the carpet below the ski boot cover).  If power is there, and it probably will be, then you can go up front and crack a fuel line slightly... at the fuel filter is a good place.  Chances are good you'll see little or no residual pressure.
So, if you find power but no pressure, you're looking at a pump.
Good luck,
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Hello All,
 Unfortunately I've had my first mechanical issues with my '93 S4. Guess I've 
been lucky, just about 2 yrs without running issues. 
 While pulling away from a stop sign it stalled. It started than shut down. The 
longer it rested the longer it would sputter before stalling again. Although it 
never ran above 1000rpm's. Seemes like it wants to run but not getting enough 
 I had it towed home and had to run back to work.
 Any thoughts or had this happens advice is greatly appreciated.
Paul (back to the trusty 4kcsq)

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