[s-cars] Two Audi Club Events at Bremerton Raceway

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Anyone going besides me?  I need to fix my miss by then.
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Subject: Two Audi Club Events at Bremerton Raceway

Bremerton Driving Skills and Track Day May 13th & 14th
If you have been thinking about joining Audi Club NW for our next event at
Bremerton Raceway on May 13th and 14th now is the time to register. We are
about two thirds full for this event.  To register, click on the club site
at http://www.audiclubnw.org/2005_Events/BremertonSp05/BremertonS05.htm to
find out more about the event, and follow the links to register, or go
directly to 
-B5A2-1871D3D453051FC6 to register.  Participants need to be members of Audi
Club North America.  If you are not a member, we have a special new member
price of $25 for this event, and you can purchase the membership on the
registration site.
As always, the spirit of the day will be to have fun, to improve our driving
skills, and to share what we learn with others.  Our sponsor for this event
is University Audi, who is sponsoring lunch. The event master is Rainer
Elias rmelias63 at comcast.net . Space is limited and we sold out this event
last year.
Teen Driving Clinic June 10:
This is a pre-announcement for a new special event we will be offering June
10th, a one day Teen Driving Clinic. The event master will be Bernie  Strub,
and an announcement of the details will follow in about a week.
For directions to the track, or for available lodging near by, please see
the track website at http://www.bremertonraceway.com/ and click on
³directions.²  For specific event questions, please email Rainer Elias
rmelias63 at comcast.net
Paul Rerucha
Director, Audi Club NW

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