[s-cars] Two Audi Club Events at Bremerton Raceway

David Priebe davidpriebe at cablespeed.com
Thu May 5 18:42:55 EDT 2005

Great! The more urS4/S6s the better (and '91 200s for that 

Of course mine will be at home. I'll be there with my 911.

On Thu, 5 May 2005 15:35:54 -0700
  Adam Cramer <crameradam at gmail.com> wrote:
> Nice to see another S-car will be there!
> Adam
> 95 S6 Avant 
> w/ RS2 goodies
> On 5/4/05, Nathan Belo <nathan at license2sell.com> wrote:
>> Anyone going besides me?  I need to fix my miss by then.
>> --

David Priebe
Carnation, WA
95.5 S6 122k (hers)
66 MGB 41k
77 Porsche 911
91 200tqa 185k gone but not forgotten

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