[s-cars] Fuel Pump Question

Craig D. Niederst cdniederst at comcast.net
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Same Pierburg pump Shokan sells on their website for $30 less. Pierburg is
recognized to be of equal or better quality than the OEM Bosch pump in your
car now. HTH.

'92 100S (117k...w/ VDO pump)
'00 A4 4.2 (53k)

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Hello All Again,
 Looking for a fuel pump('93 S4). 
Local dealer $180.
Online sources $145-$170.
FLAP(NAPA, I know the manager) $275.
Is there a better one?
I've notice most online sites list 2 different ones. Low price-Higher price
by maybe $20.
Where should I go? 

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