[s-cars] ECS camber plates

David Mackintosh mackintosh at gorge.net
Fri May 6 01:09:04 EDT 2005

I didn't buy the package, but I do have the ECS camber plates with H&R
Sports and Bilsteins, and the "13mm" (really 10mm) ECS spacers on my UrS6
Avant.  I didn't have time to do the install myself, but it all worked out
fine.  There is some grinding that needs to be done to the strut towers to
take advantage of the camber plate adjustment range.  This gets covered up
if you put the plastic covers back over the top mounts, anyway.

Great bang for the buck, but now I would've had the Bilsteins revalved
25-30% stiffer in rebound before installation.  Also, I think going with a
rear coilover allowing stiffer rear springs (and ride height adjustment)
would be a definite advantage for very hard street, or track, driving.

After the suspension upgrade, I definitely found the all-season tires on
stock rims were the weak link (had already done the brakes).  Summer tires
on 17x8" OZ SLs completed the handling package nicely.


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> I am considering the H&R race, Bilstein package from ECS and
> would like to know if anyone has had any good/bad experiences
> with the camber plates they offer.  If I purchase the
> springs, shocks, plates and rear spacers is that all I will
> need besides whatever worn bits and pieces turn up?
> Ron Whiton

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