[s-cars] clutch recommendation

Mark Strangways Strangconst at rogers.com
Fri May 6 18:02:10 EDT 2005

I was running an OEM replacement with the dual mass, that is until dyno day 
and the last run at 5500 RPM.

I now use a LWAF and a spec 2+ disc and pressure plate.

After about 800 very skeptical and light footed miles, I can now tell you 
that this package handles a 4500 rpm 1st gear drop. Needless to say how fun 
it was.

I am very happy with spec products and the LWAF manufacturer (Outta Florida, 
no I can't remember the name). So far handles about 400 ATW's HP. Though it 
has the kinda diesel rattle while de-clutched at a light... But it makes for 
more fun at the Civic dragstrip.

I would recommend it, no real drastic change in pedal. Actually better than 
the stick feel of a worn (tight spring) clutch.

Mark S
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Hello all

I realize there has been a few threads on clutches, but I need to ask as I 
will soon be doing mine.

I currently have the Luk replacement OEM clutch.   It's been good for 40,000 
miles, but it's not really that rugged.   It's taken a beating a few times 
and held up.. so maybe that means it really is rugged...but it's getting 
spent and doesn't have nearly the grip it had when new.

I like what I see on the Spec site.    Any opinions?
And what about the dual mass flywheel?   Is that what I can feel in the 
clutch pedal?    Sort of a slight clicking tapping with every rotation of 
the engine?   Sort of like a failed piston rod bearing.    I've noticed it 
on every S-Car that I have driven.     Is nixing the dual mass suggested as 
an upgrade?

I saw some opinions on Centerforce and also about the failures.   ;-|   Has 
anyone had a good experience?  They don't still use those ridiculous 
spinning weights do they?    ;-)


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