[s-cars] air leak....poor performance

chris chambers fastscirocco_2000 at yahoo.com
Sun May 8 23:34:10 EDT 2005


had the same problem last year, it was the turbo outlet hose, clamp was
loose and caused a definite noise and loss of power. But yours could be
a different hose.

Looking visually won't work, build a boost tester and listen for that

Here is a pic of mine


--- Bill Clancy <clancybill at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello all
> I have had what sounds like an air leak for a couple months or so.   
> I have looked for it a few times but I cannot seem to find it.    The
> performance is poor -- feels like 75% of what I used to get, and I
> get shitty gas mileage too.    
> Can anyone suggest a place to look for it?   
> I think I have ruled out:
> - the bypass valve (new again)
> - the michelin man hose (replaced with Samco and appears in tact) 
> - the plastic hose before the michelin man hose (appears in tact)
> What other typical failures can cause an audible hissing noise at
> WOT?   
> thanks,
> -Bill   
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