[s-cars] air leak....poor performance

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Sun May 8 23:43:21 EDT 2005


Since you refer to the plastic x-over tube, you have a later car. I
would check this tube carefully, as the big clamps that normally
accompany the Samcos puts lots of pressure on the tube and could crack
it. The metal tube does not suffer this problem and I for one, picked up
a used one to replace my plastic one.

Another area to look is your intercooler. The later cars had plastic end
tanks that are crimped on - and have been known to fail under boost.

Sean Douglas
1997 Audi S6//RS2-spec
1990 Audi 90 quattro 20v

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> Hello all
> I have had what sounds like an air leak for a couple months 
> or so.    I have looked for it a few times but I cannot seem 
> to find it.    The performance is poor -- feels like 75% of 
> what I used to get, and I get shitty gas mileage too.    
> Can anyone suggest a place to look for it?   
> I think I have ruled out:
> - the bypass valve (new again)
> - the michelin man hose (replaced with Samco and appears in tact) 
> - the plastic hose before the michelin man hose (appears in tact)
> What other typical failures can cause an audible hissing 
> noise at WOT?   
> thanks,
> -Bill   
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