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Yea I agree, but this is on the wife's car with an RS2 turbo and 28 psi is  
alot IMO for that turbo and I'm glad that it does back off to 20 by 7K. With my 
 hybrid K27 7200 its the opposite and I run the same SW as her car right now. 
 Mine starts out at 23-24 then slowly raises to 26  and holds to 7K on pump  
gas. On 100 Oct it holds at 28-30 and backs off to 26 by 6K. Anyway, the tube  
header made a big difference in how quick boost comes on but didn't affect 
how  much boost I get at all. Of coarse I do need to have someone tune the car 
bad,  but who??

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FWIW,  just as a possible clarification, with the probable exception now of
those  who've hapersized (tm) backing off to 20 psi as one approached redline
may  not be as much a function of the software, as a physical limitation on
the  pumping capacity of a turbo.  

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> Depends on SW. In the  wife's car running Pastore special 
>boost climbs  to 
>28psi  then backs off to 26 and down to 20 by redline.  

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