[s-cars] Tighten up Front End

tim rad tr0910 at gmail.com
Mon May 9 14:51:13 EDT 2005

I thought the control arm came with bushings?


Based on what you say, I will need none of first part in list, and 4
of second part but I don't need any of part #3 which is for the rear
suspension, correct??


Strut mounts, thanks....

Not using Bilsteins, so won't need bump stops, correct??


On 5/9/05, Gabriel Caldwell <gabriel at ts.bc.ca> wrote:
> You'll need what are called the outer control arm bushings.  These are
> where the control arm connects to the sway bar.  4 are required.  You
> could also replace the sway bar bushings if you wanted to.  Strut mounts
> while you are replacing the front strut inserts.  Bump stumps too
> depending on if you are using Bilsteins or not.

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