[s-cars] Tighten up Front End

Gabriel Caldwell gabriel at ts.bc.ca
Mon May 9 15:02:45 EDT 2005

Not sure if it includes the outer bushings or just the inner.  Outers
are super cheap so you could order them just in case, or wait and see,
or call.  No bump stops needed for Bilsteins in the front, but you will
need them in the rear if yours are worn out.

Gabriel Caldwell

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I thought the control arm came with bushings?


Based on what you say, I will need none of first part in list, and 4
of second part but I don't need any of part #3 which is for the rear
suspension, correct??


Strut mounts, thanks....

Not using Bilsteins, so won't need bump stops, correct??


On 5/9/05, Gabriel Caldwell <gabriel at ts.bc.ca> wrote:
> You'll need what are called the outer control arm bushings.  These are
> where the control arm connects to the sway bar.  4 are required.  You
> could also replace the sway bar bushings if you wanted to.  Strut
> while you are replacing the front strut inserts.  Bump stumps too
> depending on if you are using Bilsteins or not.

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