[s-cars] Oh Mama!!!- 034 EFI??

mlp mlped at qwest.net
Mon May 9 22:46:08 EDT 2005

Just my opinion, & I'm certainly no materials engineer, but generally
stainless (I'll concede it does come in different flavors, and most
importantly, different wall thicknesses) isn't the best choice for very high
heat applications.... like a turbo.  Turbo temps are often likely to far
exceed what the naturally aspirated header folks (unless they are using some
exotic fuels) ever, ever see, and from what I gather as a layman most forms
of commonly available stainless tubing and "L's" will actually chemically
alter with use over time, tending to become brittle etc.  As Hap's indicated
you're probably better off with some form of mild steel, ..... unless of
course your either a metallurgist, or Daddy Warbucks and have access to
inconel "L's" or casting facilities etc.  My 2 cents

I've no idea what the 034efi guys are using for materials, so don't read the
above as any kind of comment, one way or another, on their EM offering.


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>So what about the stainless being brittle? Does it fit better than the 
>Swedish unit?

>>As well as the down pipe.  All the same stuff, basically off of the 
>>700hp 034 efi 2.3l aan.

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