[s-cars] Driving advise for the wife

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Tue May 10 21:08:28 EDT 2005


The S4 is a better choice unless she runs into snow over a foot deep.

If she's not used to driving in snow, tell her to take it easy. Easy on the
gas, easy on the brakes, easy on the steering inputs. The trick is not to
break traction by over-accelerating, hard braking, or jerking the steering
wheel side to side. Don't bother with the diff lock, it will make matters
worse by locking up the rear axle and disabling the ABS. If she gets stuck
she could try the diff lock, but I wouldn't recommend her driving with it on
unless she is good at oversteer skid control.

If she takes it easy, she'll be fine. I'd be more concerned about the other
yahoos on the road....


Fred Munro
'94 S4

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Are there any S-Heads out there that would like to offer up some advise
for my wife who has never driven in snow?

I'm putting her in my 93 S4.  She driving to South Shore Tahoe tomorrow
and I want her to be safe.  I would let her take the Isuzu Trooper,  but
the tranfer case deal scares her.

Should I just tell her to hit the diff lock if things get dicey?  Any
techniques to pass along to help a woman driver in snow?  (ok, there.  I
said it.  Hope that one doesn't come back to haunt me)

Thanks in advance,
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