[s-cars] Oh Mama!!!

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One last question before this is completely dead....If mild steel is preferred in this application for expense and repairability then why is stainless used for the adapter between the turbo and the header ?
PS Hap congrats on your car. It looks great!

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In a message dated 5/10/2005 10:09:50 AM Mountain Standard Time,  
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Stainless steel used  in gas turbines, 310 stainless, 321 stainless, 
stainless Pyromet 335,  22-4-9 stainless, Nitronic 40 stainless, 330 
347fm stainless, 404  stainless…I can go on, but I think you are 
getting the 
point, 1020 isn’t nor  is any high or low carbon steels, but plenty 
of stainless  
Have I killed this  thread yet?

Yeah... sort of dead.  I'm not attempting to question anyone's  
or experience.  In the world as we know it, "facts" are  sometimes 
statement has been repeated the most times... and then  accepted by 
simply because of the repetition.
My point?...  I guess I'm saying that I'm currently in the midst of  
developing my own "facts" WRT steel headers.  So far, the steel unit is  
working just 
fine.  If it lasts 50k miles, I'll consider it a great  choice... 
considering the low cost of repairing it when it does  fail.
I've heard "facts" from both camps... you certainly advocate SS (and 
the education to back that choice), and others advocate thick walled 
(Corky, for example).  So, as far as I'm concerned, I think both should 
considered as reasonable choices.
That's all I've got... interesting topic, nonetheless.
Take care,


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