[s-cars] URGENT - Shop needed in Stamford CT

Igor Kessel KBATPO at comcast.net
Wed May 11 12:12:04 EDT 2005

Krasusky Paul (WQQ2PXK) wrote:
> Kevin Quiros just called me from the roadside in Stamford, CT with a
> clutch pedal to floor.  Any suggested indy shops in that vicinity I can
> call him back with ASAP to get towed to?  
> Please advise, thanks.
> Also, what's best way to figure out if it was the master or slave that
> failed?  If it was the pedal linkage snapping, can one see that if they
> crawl under there?  
> TIA.
> -Paul helping a brutha out K.

It is always the master. The rod snaps due to the metal fatigue.

Igor Kessel
two turbo quattros

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