[s-cars] bomb test results & replacement q's

qbrian at ptd.net qbrian at ptd.net
Thu May 12 22:12:56 EDT 2005

thanks to mr. fred munro for the bomb test knowledge.

on 1st start there were no signs of bad pedal feel...turn engine off... the 
pedal stayed resilient for 26 pumps

not satisfied (sure) with the results, i started the car again... horrible 
shaking pedal..engine off..lasted 3 pumps.

no brake warning light at all.

i guess i should order in the morning, unless these results, being 
inconsistent sound more servo or master cyl related...???

anyone have words of wisdom for replacement. as far as fasteners that will 
be unusable again. special tools needed?

its this toilet buoy looking thing near the front bumper right?

thanks again guys, -brian

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