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My only thought was this...  To have the EM coated is going to cost a couple hundred dollars... let alone the DP and turbo components.  Compared to other areas where you could spend that same money, what's the performance return?  IMO, I think the return is negligible.  So, on an ROI basis, I don't believe the value is there.
However, if your decisions are based on other factors (beauty of engine compartment), then my analysis of return doesn't apply.  But in that case, there may be better (or cheaper) options... can't remember whose engine pictures I looked at, but that POR20 (I think it was called) is holding up great on that turbine housing.
I would also argue the value of having the exterior of your compressor housing coated on your turbo (sorry Rich).  Considering the fact that the air coming out of the compressor housing is quite hot to begin with, I would see little value in trying to "protect" it from similarly hot underhood temps.  What's the delta?  If air coming out of the compressor housing is 350F, and the underhood temp is lower, you may actually be keeping heat IN the intake charge... and almost certainly you would be doing just that in the colder months.
So, until someone can show me that $x spent on ceramic coating equals y horsepower increase... I would only elect to use it for looks...  or on a steel header to reduce corrosion.
And as always, this is just my opinion....
Dave (with a coated header)
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Davie and others... now I'm dazed and confused... so it's not worth it to coat 
the RS2 EM?  what about the Down Pipe? or Turbo? 

Is it because these are not high enough HP applications, or because the RS2 EM 
is so well built that coating will add little value... I always thought that 
ceramic coating was not only a good insurance policy but improved HP (contains 
the heat), but I value yours and the lists opinions... so I'd like to understand 
better the HP/$... I don't understand why it's only cosmetic?

There seems to be various coating options too, such as http://www.jet-hot.com/pages/newheaders.html 
or http://www.swaintech.com/header.html

On the same topic, what about just using thermal wrap stuff? ala: 
http://www.heatshieldproducts.com/ any drawbacks to this? 

Cheers, /Jamu.

P.S. Yes, the POR-15 and POR-20 stuff rocks!

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If the EM you're refering to is an RS2 EM, then I wouldn't bother with the  
expense of coating either.  I tend to assess upgrades on a hp/$  basis.  In 
that light, I've never seen any hard data that would support  such measures... 
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