[s-cars] Test drive 2000 A6Q 2.7T 6 speed

Lee Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Sat May 14 23:14:53 EDT 2005

I bought an extended warranty for my '02 from 
autowarrantybroker.com. I've been happy with it...they've already 
paid out more than I paid for the warranty.

The extended warranties are pretty reasonable *if* the car is 
still covered by the manufacturer's warranty. if it's already out 
of warranty, you pay a lot more and you get less coverage.

I would be *very* hesitant to buy a late model Audi turbo out of 
warranty, unless it was very cheap.


On Sat May 14 13:14:31 PDT 2005, Jack Gagnon <bullitt at gwi.net> 

> Does anyone know what is involved in getting an extended 
> warrantee on these
> cars?

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