[s-cars] Brake Rotor with Big Reds

James Murray (QA/EMC) james.murray at ericsson.com
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Interesting, I recently read the following on KVRperformance web site: 

Cross Drilled Rotors:
Cross Drilled Discs offer an enhanced initial bite (more responsive,
especially in wet weather)
and greater heat dissipation (reduction in heat induced fade - "brake
fade")as compared to O.E.M.
They may also last longer than O.E.M. rotors (depending on your braking
with 40% Better Cooling, 20% better stopping, improved wet braking,
reduces rotor warpage, less brake fade and longer life.

Gas Slotted Rotors:
Slotted discs offer cleaning of the friction material (brake pads), but do
little in terms of additional heat dissipation.
Slotted brake discs do not cool better than cross drilled discs or even
standard discs.
The face grooves will slice the brake pad material allowing the pad to bite
harder into the disc, therefore causing an increase in disc temperatures.
This is recommended for competition vehicles to bring pads and disc
temperatures up to optimal operating ranges.
(Race cars warm-up engines, tires and brakes for the best possible

Important Note: Proper slotting of a brake disc does not run off the outer
diameter of the brake surface.
This method can promote cracking as all brake discs expand with their
release of thermal energy. 

Source: http://www.kvrperformance.com/world/world.html


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Looks like they use their own 8-10 pin hat to floating rotor interface
- will this be compatible with your current hats?

They did a good job of explaining "why slotted, why not drilled" 


On 5/15/05, Elijahallen92 at aol.com <Elijahallen92 at aol.com> wrote:
> I contacted Girodisc.com about a replacement rotor ring that was not
> but slotted for the 993tt aplications and below is thier reply so  anyone
> else that is interested should contact them and maybe we can get a bunch
> these made.
> Elijah
> Elijah
> Okay, Okay, enough with the 993 tt already!!!  You're like the 5th  person
> ask so I guess we have to do replacement 993 rotors.  We'll work  up a
> package and get you the info.
> Thank you very much for your inquiry,
> Martin Meade
> Girodisc
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