[s-cars] Test drive 2000 A6Q 2.7T 6 speed

Robert Rossato r0ssat0_987 at att.net
Sun May 15 22:11:20 EDT 2005

> > > I know that there is a DIY for this repair but opening up the
> > > dash doesn't look like a lot of fun.
> > >
> > 
> > Actually, opening up the dash isn't that difficult.
> It's easier than you think, but you must have a VAG-COM available to
> recode the cluster
> http://www.audiworld.com/tech/elec106.shtml
> -- 
> Sean [99 A6 2.8q]

Dave was referring to the outside temp display on his S6, not a C5 A6.
Separate display and no VAG-COM needed.  Still very easy to replace.
R&R is a 20min job, plus the time to fix the display itself.  Five
screws to remove the instrument cluster.  Another 4 to remove the
display (2 for the display, 2 small ones for the connector).


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