[s-cars] WTB: S8

Igor Kessel KBATPO at comcast.net
Mon May 16 13:50:42 EDT 2005

Lee Levitt wrote:
> Sure. And sport seats, and a more powerful motor, and some other 
> goodies.
> Nathan's friend may find the sport seats more comfortable than the 
> A8 seats, or not.
> I'm just starting to look for a replacement for my wife's A6, and 
> an A8 or S8 is in my sights. 2001 S8s are a *screaming* good deal, 
> with typical 64K-75K cars going for $28K BIN on ebay.
> Wonder what $10K service is at 75K...
> Ideally, I'd like to find a 2002 S8 (blue ming please) still under 
> factory warranty, but I've got almost a year before I'm ready to 
> make the purchase...
> Lee

The S8 that I test drove didn't' have the sport seats. which was 
ridiculous if you ask me. Also its performance left me cold. Or maybe 
it's because I have an aversion towards automatics, I dunno, but my wet 
dream of replacing the S6 with an S8 is no more.

Igor Kessel
two turbo quattros

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