[s-cars] Stromung gasket replacement?

Chad Clark chadaclark4 at msn.com
Mon May 16 22:27:46 EDT 2005

Hi gang,

I've had an exhaust leak between the downpipe flange and cat pipe flange for 
quite some time now. I really only hear it at idle in the mornings until 
fully warmed up. I've replaced the stock Stromung gasket once already which 
only lasts about a month before I blow the gasket out at the bottom. It's 
seems like the two mating flanges aren't perfectly flat with one another at 
the bottom section of the flange. I think a thicker gasket may just compound 
the problem. Has anyone sourced a thick metal/copper gasket for this? Short 
of drilling a small hole in the bottom of the flange and running a small 
bolt through there, what have others done to cure this? I can't be the only 
one that's had this issue. Appreciate all replys.


Chad Clark 

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