[s-cars] Another S6 Climate control question

Harold McComas HaroldMcComas at comcast.net
Tue May 17 00:01:06 EDT 2005

My problem was the temp flap. I would get really hot air and then cold air, 
nothing in between. I used this link which was provided in the FAQ section 
of Audiworld's A6/100 ( C4) Forum:
Use altavista.com to translate from Russian to English

Pretty easy to follow.  I just took the motor apart , it looked like the 
gears weren't properly engaging. Put it back together and it works now.
If it turns out you need a temp flap motor they seem to be going for about $ 

Also here is the link to the FAQ section: 

Harold M

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>  I hate to beat a dead horse but....  My S6 climate control started
> becoming intermittent a year or so ago. Seems worse in warm weather and
> almost totally reliable in the winter. I did purchase a good used head 
> from
> a A4 but someone mentioned that they had a problem with theirs and found 
> it
> was tied to the ignition switch? Any feedback from others who have had
> similar problems so we could get a majority consensus on where the fault
> 'usually' lies??  Thanks to all once again.  MGH

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