[s-cars] ECS Tuning N75 valve

Bill Clancy clancybill at yahoo.com
Tue May 17 14:41:15 EDT 2005

The article was very informative... but also caused my head to hurt.  ;-|
According to the article... the "H" version that came in the 92-97 S4/S6 is 
the best valve.    So it would seem unlikely that the ECS version can be 
much of an improvement.    At least, that's the way I interpreted it.

I like the ECS disclaimer....
"Great care must be taken while removing the stock N75.... Because of the 
great amount of force needed to remove/install the valve into each of the 
hoses it can be easy to crack the plastic housing of the valve where it 
meets with the solenoid hosing. "

I can confirm that this is an accurate statement.    ;-(

Thanks for the info...It was very helpful.

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P.S.  Yes it will work.

Gabriel Caldwell

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Check this out...


Gabriel Caldwell

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Does anyone know if this will work on the S4/S6?    If so, are there any
opinions on this valve?    I need to replace mine and this one seems to
boast better performance and it is priced the same as OEM.


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