[s-cars] Brake Rotor with Big Reds

Kevin D. Caldwell gembella_c4s at sbcglobal.net
Tue May 17 22:37:30 EDT 2005

Ok...whatever they are I need a set like yesterday.  Is there going to be a
group buy?

Kevin D. Caldwell

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Mark's right about the 993tt being 322x32.  I have a pair of 323x30 euro
S8 fronts that are left over from the now-defunct early BIRA Sys4 design.
I've been plotting using them for an Ersatz Happersized BRRBK(tm) kit
but I don't think I can force myself to go for the CF caliper covers ;)


Mark Strangways wrote:

> As per BIRA.ORG
> 993TT rings are 322mm x 32mm.
> They are NOT 30 mm they are definitely 32mm wide.
> Mark S
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>> To the best of my knowledge they are 330mm
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