[s-cars] Brake Rotor with Big Reds

Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
Wed May 18 03:03:20 EDT 2005

posrche's rotors are more accurately described as "holey" than drilled.
those holes are cast into the rotor, not drilled, and the rotor is
designed with extra reinforcing structure to make up for the weakening
of the rotor caused by putting holes in it.

in a street application, it's for looks.  on race cars, it's more
functional but most of the 911 GT3s i saw running in ALMS at laguna seca
recently had slotted rotors with no holes in them.

also, race teams replace the rotors after every race (or every few races if
they don't have the budget).  are you prepared to do that?


--- Greg Johnson <gregsj2 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Some of you may recall that we (BIRA) created "replirotors" very early
> on.  Replirotors were Coleman rotors with BIRA hats that replicated
> the dimensions of the available Audi rotors.  They were mainly created
> to allow Porsche calipers to fit over four bolt Audis.  Our experience
> was similar to Haps: Coleman rotors warped too soon.
> Everyone has a claim/opinion as to whether slots are better than
> drilled and so forth.  Here's a data point to add to the mix.  Porsche
> spends about $10 million a year on braking system R&D and it continues
> to put drilled rotors on all of its street and race cars.
> Many of you have heard me say this before: if it's good enough for
> Porsche, it's good enough for me.
> Greg J
> Hap wrote:
> >Elijah
> >
> >I went through 4 sets of Coleman rotors and they all warped rather quickly.
> >Dave Jones kindly replaced them each time. We tried
> >
> >Greg J
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