[s-cars] yahoo email info

Igor Kessel KBATPO at comcast.net
Wed May 18 12:11:19 EDT 2005

Joe Pizzimenti wrote:
> Hmm, I use Outlook 2003 for all my Calendar stuff and just keep the
> gmail account for keeping up with list insanity.
> On 5/18/05, Igor Kessel <KBATPO at comcast.net> wrote:
>>Joe Pizzimenti wrote:
>>>Screw yahoo, go gmail.
>>True, Joe. Gmail is great; I have a couple accounts with them. However
>>they don't provide a Calendar service. I use the Calendar feature
>>extensively in my biz, hence I keep a Yahoo account as well.
>>Igor Kessel
>>two turbo quattros

Outlook is on a local machine, Joe.

I have a need to develop a schedule for my employees, which they (and I 
for that matter too) should be able to see remotely from their home 
computers. Thus the need to have a web-based online Calendar function.

Having said that, I must admit that will be the first to jump ship and 
move over to Gmail completely once they come up with their own Calendar 
control. Judging by their previous products (search engine, mail client, 
maps), it should quickly become the best on the market. I have already 
e-mailed them a request for the Calendar control via their feedback agent.

Igor Kessel
two turbo quattros

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