[s-cars] brake upgrade w/used calipers?

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can  apparently get new 993tt calipers for $600/pair from Crescent
Porsche, or  used 996 non-turbo calipers for $400 from that well known
Porsche  dismantler on the west coast.  I think I prefer black, if  that
matters.  I have the RS2 brackets already, and can get the rotors  for
$85 each.  I haven't priced the bolts, lines, pads, and  other
ancillary stuff yet.

I know people have used used calipers  before successfully, but perhaps
someone has a story about buying used  calipers and it not going
smoothly?  At this level, would it be  foolish to try to save some cash
by going used?  Is there a third  option that is cost competitive, like
rebuilding some used calipers  myself?


If you are speaking of LA Porsche Dismantlers, I purchased my 996 black  
calipers from them.  Pulled the pistons and took a look.  Sprayed a  little brake 
cleaner in all the holes, and put them back together using the  original 
Orings and boots.  No problems in a year with 4 track days tossed  in.  Good 
Greg W.

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