[s-cars] Rotor for RS2 Bracket / Big Reds?

Steve Powers sbpowers at gmail.com
Thu May 19 14:16:48 EDT 2005

Sean asks:

On 5/19/05, Sean Douglas <quattro20v at telus.net> wrote:
> There seems to be some confusion on the correct rotor that fits with the
> Porsche 993tt caliper / RS2 bracket combination.
> Is it;
> 1. 314x30 mm euro-spec A8, 441 615 301 AA ?
> or
> 2. 323x30 mm US-spec A8/S8 face lifted, 4D0 615 301 A ?
> I'm looking for the easiest bolt-on solution that does not require any
> adjustments.

When I did my RS2/993TT brake conversion, I went through the same
machinations. I remember that there are a couple of issues with using
the Audi parts.

a) You want the same diameter as the Porsche rotor. This is 323 mm.
b) the Audi rotor is slightly (1 or 2 mm) offset as compared to the
Porsche rotor. It doesn't mean much until the end of your pad life,
when the worn pad can slip out of the caliper.

I have the RS2 brackets, 993TT calipers, BIRA hats and use the real
993TT rotors. No problems whatsoever.


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