[s-cars] S6 starting problem - ECU fuse

Rich Beebe rich at beebecomm.com
Thu May 19 16:11:13 EDT 2005

bill (and s-car list),

i have checked the 5 amp ECU fuse and i finally found a blown fuse,
which i was hoping was a good sign. i unhooked the neg. battery
cable, inserted a new 5 amp fuse, but once i reconnect the neg.
terminal, it blows the fuse immediately. i'm unaware of anything
i might have done to cause this situation. most of the work was
routine (including CV boot, tie rod end, new stromung exhaust,
pads, rotors, hoses...), but i also fabbed up a CAI. the MAF is
hooked up fine and nothing else seems problematic. any thoughts
on what might be blowing the 5 amp ECU fuse? honestly, i'm at
a lose.

thanks again for any help.


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