[s-cars] S6 starting problem - ECU fuse

Rich Beebe rich at beebecomm.com
Thu May 19 22:52:46 EDT 2005

opening the ECU and looking for damage sounds like the next
logical step. i can have that on the workbench in a couple of
minutes. thanks mark.


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Subject: Re: [s-cars] S6 starting problem - ECU fuse

If it where me... and thank god it isn't...
I would pull the ecu out, open up the cover and look for signs of carnage.
That to me is the simplest first approach.
After that, I would be getting some schematics of the out board connection
to the ECU and verify Gnd is where GND should be and that outputs don't bias
heavily toward ground.
Remember that the voltage to the ECU with ignition off is there to maintain
the adaptive tables. So therefore it just points to a smoked ecu ! Hope I am
wrong as I usually am :-)
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Rather than think negatively... (as in blown ECU)... let's think positive
that you have a shorted wire in the cabling due to your recent engine work?
disconnecting the POS anyway and start tracing the wires from the ECU fuse
and start testing each point...

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Subject: Re: [s-cars] S6 starting problem - ECU fuse

i disconnected the battery after the 1st fuse blew when i tried to
put it in. doesn't make a difference - this thing is blowing fuses
no matter what the configuration.


> From: "James Murray (QA/EMC)" <james.murray at ericsson.com>

> Well you can try (easy to pull the connectors off the POS)... if I remember
> correctly the fuse did not blow until I tried to start the car, meaning I kept
> replacing the fuse (many times) until I pulled the POS connectors, but the
> fuse would only blow when I tried to start the car... now my memory might be
> foggy on this... but I think that's how it went. Then again I never
> disconnected the battery negative either...
> /Jamu. 
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> From: Rich Beebe [mailto:rich at beebecomm.com]
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> Subject: Re: [s-cars] S6 starting problem - ECU fuse
> actually, it's blowing the fuses without even starting the car,
> just by connecting the battery.
> i wonder if it would help to disconnect the POSs and attempt the
> fuse again? i've already checked the coil wires for a short and
> the ground - all seem fine. i'm gonna need more 5 amp fuses.
> i thought for sure, when i saw a blown ECU fuse, that it blew
> because of the jump-starting. now, when it blows a fuse every
> time the battery is hooked up, i can't believe it's something
> else - knowing it was running just the other day with nothing
> different. so strange.
> rich 
> From: "James Murray (QA/EMC)" <james.murray at ericsson.com>
>> Rich, this helps...
>> I'm assuming the fuse to the ECU blows only when you try to start the car and
>> not when the ignition is off and you reconnect the negative to the battery?
>> This could be a failing POS (Power Output Stage) device... mine failed on me
>> last year out of the blue (but I later found out I had a coil that was also
>> failing, so I'm unsure if the failing coil caused the POS channel to degrade
>> and fail), anyway you could have a channel in your POS that has grounded and
>> failed... or even a coil that has failed.
>> Try this test: unplug both POS, insert new fuse, try starting the car (of
>> course it won't start but you want to see if the fuse will blow), then plug
>> in 
>> one POS (repeat test), then plug in the other (repeat test). If the fuse
>> blows 
>> with either POS connected the it's likely the POS or a coil that has
>> grounded... 
>> Here's a good way to test the POS individually:
>> http://forums.audiworld.com/a4/msgs/1594531.phtml
>> Cheers, /Jamu. 
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>> bill (and s-car list),
>> i have checked the 5 amp ECU fuse and i finally found a blown fuse,
>> which i was hoping was a good sign. i unhooked the neg. battery
>> cable, inserted a new 5 amp fuse, but once i reconnect the neg.
>> terminal, it blows the fuse immediately. i'm unaware of anything
>> i might have done to cause this situation. most of the work was
>> routine (including CV boot, tie rod end, new stromung exhaust,
>> pads, rotors, hoses...), but i also fabbed up a CAI. the MAF is
>> hooked up fine and nothing else seems problematic. any thoughts
>> on what might be blowing the 5 amp ECU fuse? honestly, i'm at
>> a lose. 
>> thanks again for any help.
>> rich 
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