[s-cars] What coolant to use? other questions

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Thu May 19 23:17:13 EDT 2005

I am closer to joining the ranks of those who say any good quality  
coolant that
is silicate, sulfate?, and amine free, as many are, is ok.  I think  
many of the plastic
radiator ends gasket failing, the plastic becoming brittle  
prematurely, and the
aluminum to steel dissimilar metal corrosion problems are passe.

But, how often do you change it, assuming you maintain the hoses,  
etc, so you
don't do an unscheduled change in the middle of nowhere ? 2-3  
years ?  5?

So, I'm not concerned about the price.   I like the Pentosin stuff  
from Germany and
have been using the 2 year Blue coolant equivalent to the OEM  
Autobahn coolant
originally in the S4/S6.   The newer pink Pentosin is the OEM for  
newer cars and is
called the "lifetime" coolant, but all other must  be totally flushed  
to avoid the brown
sludge of death.
There is a new VAG  coolant by Pentosin that is purple --yeah, way  
cool-- and mixes
with others.  This is my choice now.  I am not sure if it is  
fluorescent or what, but it stands
out in a nice new reservoir. ;-)  And it's good stuff too.  G01 2A8  
DA1 at $8 for 1 1/2 L.
See these guys for it by part # search:  <www.autohausaz.com>
I don't know if the Audi and VW dealers are selling it here.  They  
are in Germany.

You have ~ 8 L of coolant so a 50% mix would require about a gallon,  
or 3 of the Pentosin
1 1/2 L bottles with some reserve.

Most of the flushing/cleaning solutions require you to get the engine  
warm and drain and
flush, so you need things together.  Lots of fresh water afterward.

Tom '95 S6

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> Subject: [s-cars] What coolant to use? Other Q's
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> List,
> Right in a middle of my TB change I realized that coolant need to  
> be changed
> also.
> Didn't order it online and wonder what brand to use for Urs4 93'
> Hwo much do I need and what should I get? Would it be good idea to  
> get it
> from my local friendly dealership? How much does it cost?
> I have top hose removed and Water pump removed. I see some whitish  
> deposits.
> Is that a good time to do flush/cleaning of a system? If so, how?
> Thanks,
> Ivan
> Urs4


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