[s-cars] Correct Bilstein / Eibach Suspension Availability

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Lowering springs, such as the Eibachs, will require the Bilstein 
Sports (or some other shock). The HDs are designed for stock ride 


On Fri May 20 09:53:34 PDT 2005, Doug Landaeta 
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> Larry,
> Wonderful insight, as in I'm still wondering...
> I have HDs now, Can I just change the springs to Eibachs, add ECS 
> or
> 2Bennett, or Igor-mod plates and achieve my goals of lowering and 
> removing
> the awful dive and roll I have?
> Next question is to decide what malignment specs to dial in?
> Doug L 94 S4 (RS2'd, CRB, etc., but mostly a street car) 
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> Doug, You have decisions to make w/rt to the springs. I have 
> Eibachs now, and now
> that I'm upstate on relatively untravelled roads (i.e. smooth) I 
> kind of
> wish that I went with S6+ H&R's. There is much more front end 
> motion than I
> find desirable when being "sprited" although I've never bottomed. 
> But, since
> strut Audi's don't exactly have the best roll camber gain, front 
> end motion
> tends to lead to more understeer than desirable. True at the 
> limit, a
> stiffer front end will push, but I have found (in my old SCCA 
> days with my
> A2 GTi) roll camber gain is more of a problem than front to rear 
> roll
> stiffness balance, at least until you have all of the tires 
> working
> properly. + a better controlled front end just "feels" better. 
> Note, I'm
> entirely happy with the rears. I'm likely to consider having my 
> Bilsteins
> revalved for probably around 20% more jounce (no change in 
> rebound) to help
> out.
> HOWEVER, the ride quality is VERY close to stock, which was 
> refreshing
> compared to my H&R's in my 200Q which are just too stiff. No 
> jiggles,
> generally not harsh at all. It (S6 Eibach/Bilstein)still does 
> hammer me when
> hitting ridged pavement (which is just about every side road 
> around here,
> they chip+tar on dirt, but smooth the dirt with a lugged tired 
> tractor) but
> is otherwise perfect with respect to ride quality.
> As for camber plates, personally, I'd try Igor's mod first. It 
> may not have
> enough adjustment (it didn't for me and my car was relatively low 
> milage at
> 80K miles when bought and modded) but it's "cheap" and within 
> your
> abilities. Plus it'll add adjustment range if you end up getting 
> plates.
> Don't know much about the ECS plates, but the 2-bennets (got on 
> the GB) have
> both caster and camber adjustment, which can be extended using 
> the Igor mod.
> So you can get some extra caster (improving on center feel and 
> centering)
> while getting the camber correct. They're beautifully made, 
> machined
> aluminum pieces.
> SOOOO pretty, I'm tempted to leave them uncovered JUST to look at 
> them. BUT,
> now that the GB is long gone, they're pricey.
> Just my $0.02,
> LL - NY
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