[s-cars] Correct Bilstein / Eibach Suspension Availability

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at gmail.com
Fri May 20 20:38:14 EDT 2005

Sorry about the misinformation- Larry's totally right- POSITIVE caster. Ooops.

The biggest improvement in ride is getting your shocks valved to match
your springs- for a high spring rate shock/spring combo, the best
results I've seen off-the-shelf are generally coilovers with the shock
and spring combo matched by the manufacturer.

Our old A4's H&R coilovers rode significantly better than the less
stiffly sprung 200 with Bilsteins and H&R springs. I believe this is
primarily because the Bilstein shocks in the 200 were not valved
properly for the H&R springs. Bilsteins need more damping to better
match H&R springs- probably the reason why the Eibach/Bilstein combo
for the UrS works so well- the spring rates and the shock valving are
a good match, or so they feel.

Conversely, the reason US spec STis ride poorly is because the shock
is overdamped- there are many reports of the use of stiffer JDM
springs resulting in a better ride.

Personally, rather than trying to make the big boat turn flatter, I'd
enjoy the car for what it is- a very refined big bruiser of a car with
a lot of power and decent handling for a big sedan. Kind of the reason
why I like the D3 A8 so much- feels so good driving it (a manual
gearbox in the A8 would make it the ideal big sedan for me).


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