[s-cars] gotta vent, the latest on my clicking relay/shut down problem...

Joshua van Tol josh at spiny.com
Fri May 20 21:54:19 EDT 2005

Have you replaced the ignition switch yet? It's apparently a  
notorious failure item on these cars, and Audi went so far as to have  
a repair campaign for some years, I think.
On May 20, 2005, at 9:01 AM, thomas.pollock at amd.com wrote:

> S-doods....
> rather then try to copy the individuals who've been trying to help  
> me with
> my S4 "issues", since that list is growing might as well send to  
> everyone.
> The problem: car runs fine, then I get the clicking relays in the  
> driver
> footwell and car shuts down. Sometimes after it does this I hit the  
> key to
> restart and NOTHING. No starter at all. Some other times after it  
> does this
> I'll hit the key, relays-a-clicking and clicking and eventually it  
> refires.
> I had mentioned to a couple of ya that I finally thought I had  
> nailed it
> down to the central locking module/pump under the back seat. I'll  
> skip the
> gory details on how I debug down to that module to leave me time to  
> vent
> about other things later... 8-)  Anywho, last night I swapped it  
> with the
> one from the 100. Fired right up ! Wife and I decide to run down  
> and pick up
> a quick pizza (after about a 20min spirited drive) and just as I'm  
> pulling
> into the place the relays click and she dies. It started right back  
> up but I
> clearly still have a problem.
> Next thing is swap the fuel pump relay, THEN replace the ignition  
> switch,
> THEN ECU if it comes down to it. No faults being caught and VAG-COM  
> doesn't
> show anything... WTF ?   Just wanted to let you guys who were  
> having similar
> problems know my diagnosis was off.
> Ok, so a few weeks ago the wife and I decide with another young-un  
> getting
> ready to get behind the wheel soon, it's time for one more  
> "reliable" car.
> I, ahem, convinced her I need an Urq... tee-hee....  after much  
> searching
> and list help I bought an 84, sight unseen. Doh!
> Gotta keep this as short as possible. Turns out it's a nice car !   
> Problem
> is I can't register it !!!!!!! Estate sale and the guy who sold it  
> to me
> can't prove he owns it. No records the car was ever registered. Oh  
> joy ! I
> didn't realize it was possible to get grey this fast.... I'm a  
> basket case.
> Guy is doing everything to rectify the problem but I have a feeling  
> this
> could drag on for a LONG time...  wonder how long it will take me  
> to bike to
> work...  Four Audis in the driveway and only the wives is running.  
> Think I'm
> taking any sh!t ???
> Ah, I feel better now.
> tom.
> 94 Rs4 <kind of running>
> 94 100 <in doner pieces right now>
> 84 Urq  <eye candy only>
> 01 S4   <hers, just mihnea'd and running awesome>
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