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Sat May 21 14:20:40 EDT 2005

Larry L. wrote:

"Lee is correct on the shocks. As for Eibachs, (sound like you're sold on 'em) they will not totally remove the dive, nor roll. If dive bother's you, I'd go S6+ H&R's, as for roll, really seems that the HSRB is probably the only solution (once my purchase and renovations are done, I'm going to go for one. Keep note, Hap!). On the shocks, on a personal note, since Bilstein is willing to custom valve work is relatively cheap, I'd consider doing it. The combination of Bilstein Sports seems almost dead on for Eibachs (except not enough front
Jounce, although I may be wanting to make shocks do the work that the
SPRINGS should do), which would make them too limp for either set of H&R's (standard UrS4/6 or S6+). This is the case with my 200Q, which has a horrible ride as a result. Lots of head toss.

As for alignment, correct would be dead stock. Then, if your camber
plates have the room to rotate (such as the 2-bennets), dial in as
much + caster as is left in the adjusters while still staying even
side to side. This will grip well, wear well, and if you can add
caster, will have better centering, on center feel and better camber
gain control. The only drawback of the probable availible added caster
is the steering can get heavy and numb if you go too far. However,
NONE of the camber plate options car really get that far."

S-fans -

Great write up Larry. I have recently purchased Koni adjustables on the GB, and have been thinking for quite awhile what I should do about springs. The Eibachs sound like a great way to go - if, as Taka says - you just want to appreciate this car for what it is, a big, powerful, competent, comfortable luxo-cruiser. Which, is what I want, but Audi went a bit overboard when they softened up from the the 92 urS.

I had 2B coilovers on my 4K; 400lb front 280lb if I remember correctly. Koni Sports. Running on 225/45-16. This was a great set up here in Seattle, where the roads are good. It also was leaning towards the stiff side of things - which I like.

My question is: what is the difference in the H&R Ur springs and the S6+ ? What is the difference between these and the Eibachs? Is there a lowering dimension/rate chart anywhere comparing these springs? You say the Eibachs match well with the Bilsteins - I have heard that Bilsteins tend to be stiffer than the Koni adjustables if the Koni's are set low. How will the Koni's match with any of these springs? Bottom line - I have been leaning towards the H&R's, being slightly paranoid about the inconsistencies in their design for these cars in years past.

Once I decide, I probably will pony up for the 2B camber plates also -Wow! them are slippery! But only the best for my S.

Thanks again for the info, and apologies to the list for a bunch of what I know to be redundant questions.


Craig Lebakken
94 S4

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