[s-cars] What leaks to anticipate?

Tony Curran tony.curran at sympatico.ca
Sun May 22 10:55:05 EDT 2005

The collective Force...

So fresh off fixing another leak, I was wondering where should I expect the
next and the next? Cause for sure there is going to be another.

So far I've replaced the oil pressure switch, coolant reservoir, valve cover
gasket, electric (turbo) water pump and a few hose clips on a number of the
coolant hoses.

So I suspect the fuel lines underneath will need to be painted where the
hangers are to protect from corrosion. The T- under the coolant reservoir?

What others? Will be putting in remedial program to replace parts that will
go for sure. Did this with ignition switch just from the amount of problems
posted to list that pointed to it - just as well as it was starting to


96 S6

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