[s-cars] Bad things come in threes right...please say it is so!!!

Tony Curran tony.curran at sympatico.ca
Mon May 23 10:12:56 EDT 2005

The part you need is the x- cap and O ring, 026 145 541, orderable from
dealer for little moolah - cost me about cdn$15.

The next leak you can expect is from the oil pressure switch, about $10 from
dealer. May be coolant reservoir is on the way out too. BTDT.

96 S6

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I guess you guys are getting tired of my woes, but I want to share the last
one of the day with you..and trust me I will not even go near any of my kids
toy  cars for the rest of the day...so I am ready to kill myself laughing or
crying  not sure which...

Just went to Home Depot to get the 3/4 elbow so I can drive the 200 home
tomorrow when I notice a nice little puddle of pentosin (sp) under the
enough the liquid gold is leaking out of the big + bolt on the  hydraulic
pump (I think that is what that thing is)  so that car is going  to the shop
the morning, as I cannot get it tight enough to stop the  leak. I guess
old cars from Michigan to Central Texas has its  consequences, and right now
am learning about the different stress  points of cold and hot
climates....say it will stop :-) .

I'm so new here I don't even have a decent wrench lined up yet....

>From Austin Texas,

95 S6 MTM... "out of commish"
91 200q20v avant 'out of commish"
96 A4 2.8q if this thing breaks down I'm buying three used  YUGO's
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