[s-cars] Blower Fan Replacement

Bill Mahoney wmahoney at disk.com
Wed May 25 14:50:43 EDT 2005


>I am about to embark on replacing the blower fan motor.  Are there any
"while I'm in there" things to take car of, like >the heater core?  Anyone
have suggestions not contained in the modified steak knife procedure?  Any
help is appreciated.  
Whilst I do not know what your facility has to offer, I am guessing that
"Igor's Garage n Tool Emporium" would be the locale of choice for this or
any other repair.  In addition to pleasant, well equipped surroundings there
is the added benefit that Igor may be unable to stand and watch/drink and
will do the repair for you.  Then you can watch and drink;)
For sure do the heater core and take some pix for a btdt as this will be a
repair for most if not all, between 100 and 200k miles:/  
Bill ~hidden valve stems~ M


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