[s-cars] Wet Trunk??

Harold McComas HaroldMcComas at comcast.net
Thu May 26 12:05:18 EDT 2005

I would guess that it is the rear window.  First thing I checked (Visually)
was the trunk seal. Pushed it down to make sure it was seated properly.
Window seal would explain from where the water drips from.

I will probably try using some flowable silicone whenever it warms/dries up.
But first try to pinpoint where on the window it is leaking.

Thank you

Harold McComas

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> Harold McComas wrote:
>> Investigated and I have a leak in my trunk area. It seems to be coming
>> from the rear deck (below/underneath the rear window), dripping on the
>> carpet and collecting in the spare wheel well.
> Three guesses:
> 1) The seal around the back window has failed.  Water runs
> down the window, collects at the bottom of the window, finds
> its way past the seal, then leaks into the trunk.
> 2) It could be the rubber seal for the trunk is not sealing.
> Check that it is not brittle, loose, torn, etc.  But since
> the trunk is protected by a channel/lip that directs water way
> from it, I'd say #1 is more likely.
> 3) Another typical source is the seals around the rear lights.
> But you feel the leak is up under the rear window, so this is
> least likely in your case.
> When this rain stops (in NH, forecasted for next Tuesday!), dry
> the area out real good, sprinkle talcum powder (or spray a foot
> powder) around the suspected areas inside the trunk, then pour
> water around the suspected areas from outside.  Try to keep the
> water contained to the area being tested. Try the seals around
> the rear lights first, keeping water off the trunk as much as
> possible. Let the water drain off, open the trunk, and check the
> talc/powder for traces of water.  If it's dry, move on up to test
> the trunk seal. If it's dry, test the seal around the rear window.
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