[s-cars] Re: S6 ECU - insurance value

Rich Beebe rich at beebecomm.com
Thu May 26 20:00:37 EDT 2005

intended acceleration suggests on their site a $1000 insured value,
but i have also found ECUs for the S6 for $495.



From: Rich Beebe <rich at beebecomm.com>
> shipping ECU - suggested insurance value?
> looking for info right now, but thought someone here might post
> quicker.
> thanks.
> interesting side note - when car was purchased, it was 'suggested'
> that the car was chipped. with a sliced carpet, this seemed
> reasonable. with the ECU problems, i also noticed the other day
> a previously removed boost clamp/hose (again, suggesting chips).
> today, upon removing the ECU, i noticed that all the tabs on the
> ECU were never bent and there were zero scratches around them.
> scratched into the backing plate is also the word 'NEW'. i guess
> the good news (trying to be optimistic) is i still have 80hp to
> be gained.
> rich

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