[s-cars] RE: 255 wide tire fitment question - rubbing survey

Krasusky Paul (WQQ2PXK) WQQ2PXK at ups.com
Fri May 27 09:09:14 EDT 2005

Dave rubbed:

<<<Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 14:14:26 -0400
From: Dave Ellis <UrS4 at sympatico.ca>
Subject: [s-cars] 255 wide tire fitment question - rubbing survey

A few weeks back a few listers mentioned that they had some slight 
rubbing when at full lock or in reverse using 255 width tires.  I'm 
just curious if everyone using 255 width tires experiences this, or if 
it is just a few?

If you do have some rubbing, where exactly is the contact taking place?

What is the width of your wheel and what offset is it?  What suspension 
mods do you have?

If you don't experience any rubbing, what width of wheel are you using 
and at what offset?  What suspension mods have been made?>>>


255/40/17 ContiSports on 17x8 ET35 Avus, '95 with H&R 29771 / Bilstein
Sport, rubs right tire to rear fender arch toward the body not toward
the engine, full lock ONLY IN REVERSE.  Wore coin size hole through
liner, paint, nice shiny galvanized shows now.

225/50/16 Pirelli Wintersport 210s on 16x7.5 Avus do as well it seems
lately.  Hmmm.  YMMV I guess, I have my ideas on that one.

Is it enough to care?  Not in the slightest.

HTH you dig up your wallet.  Or keep it buried.  Either way I did ya a


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