[s-cars] Rough ride below 3000 RPM...

James Murray (QA/EMC) james.murray at ericsson.com
Fri May 27 13:00:55 EDT 2005

Thanks Tony, I told him to check that too... it's a good possibility. Why
does it always seem to be #4? same happened to me but I found the symptoms
to be different, so I thought maybe the MAF first. I thought a bad coil
caused problems in the upper RPM rather than the lower with respect to


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No.4 coil? Or one of them anyway.

96 S6

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> Subject: [s-cars] Rough ride below 3000 RPM...
> Does this sound like the MAF to you?
> /Jamu.
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> Hey James,
> I have been having this problem: On first and second gear, or any other
gear below 2500 RPM while accelerating, the car is jerking, thought not
violently, but very noticeable. It's like it's having a rough ride until the
engine reaches 3000 RPM and up, the acceleration becomes smooth and linear.
I checked the hoses for leaks but did not find any leaks.
> Recently replaced the whole clutch kit, Cam sensor, knock sensors as well
as timing belt. First I thought this is due to the new clutch and my
gas/clutch pedal manoeuver is a bit off but when I tried different
techniques, the problem is still there.
> If you know what is the problem, please advice. Thanks.
> Cheers.
> J.
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