[s-cars] engine rebuild

David Giannandrea giannandrea at mindspring.comt
Fri May 27 14:30:52 EDT 2005

Ok guys,

Does a AAN gasket set really cost this much?

Engine block 	 	$150+  
Head gasket set		$540+     
Main Bearings		$40 x 6

How do you guys affort to rebuild anything? These prices are ghastly. 

And a connecting rod? Forget buying just one... they come in SETs of 5!

I am really beginning to appreciate the German mystic here, as this car
engine seems to be made of parts that are either impossible to find or
extremely tight tolerance. 

On the one hand I am proud to drive such a fine car, on the other, this
incident (rod bearing out) can cost 1/2 the value (talking high book here)
of the vehicle.

Are there any sources besides the Audi dealer?
Any Euro connections out there?

David G.
1993 S4 with bad rod bearing and probably more

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