[s-cars] Help! Front spring removal

Eugene Yen tbickle99 at yahoo.com
Mon May 30 02:02:06 EDT 2005

I'm in the middle of replacing the original shocks and springs on my
'95.5 S6.  I searched the archives, and a couple of folks have said
that they removed the front springs without removing the struts.

Sooo, I decided to take this approach with the front end. I removed the
front shock, compressed the spring as far as I could with my spring
compressor, and I had my long-suffering wife stand on a long pipe to
lever the sway bar down as far as possible (the axle shaft is touching
the subframe).   However, I still don't have enough clearance to remove
the spring.  The strut housing will not swing out far enough to free
the spring.

Is there some trick that I'm missing here?

The only things I can think of doing at this point to gain enough
movement in the strut housing are either:

1.  Disconnecting the tie rod.
2.  Removing the axle bolt.

Are either of these approaches viable options?  If not, what do you
guys suggest?

Also, if removing the axle bolt is recommended, I have another
question:   The car is currently on jack stands with both front wheels
in the air, so I can't loosen the axle bolt with a big breaker bar per
Bentley's recommendation.  Can I get away with using an impact wrench
on this bolt?  I'm afraid that I might shear off the bolt head with an
impact wrench (maybe I'm just paranoid).

Thanks in advance,

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